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Vision and Values



Rebalancing the deep Masculine and deep Feminine is part of the great work of our time. In service to this, The ReEmergence Process aims to:


  • To support women who feel stuck, unseen and depleted in their everyday life to do inner work that helps rebalance their inner and outer world, so they can live a more soul-led life full of purpose.

  • To make inner exploration work more accessible to a wider audience, enabling people to engage with it both lightly and deeply, as part of their everyday life.

  • To help women restore an inner balance that enables them to take their rightful place within the world and in doing so contribute to the collective outer rebalancing needed in our world today.

  • To help more women grow into their capacity as adults and elders who can support future generations in a meaningful way.

Core Values

Values of Integrity, Inclusivity and Heartfulness run as a core thread in all aspects of The ReEmergence Process.

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