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6-Week Online Workshop Series


Starting November 2022

The ReEmergence Process (1)

Personal Exploration Online Course for Women

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The ReEmergence Process (1)
The ReEmergence Process (1)

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6-Week Online Workshop Series

Starting November 2022

About the Event

ReClaim the Feminine, ReAnimate Your Life!


The ReEmergence Process is a 6-Week Course, offering a container for your own process of inner work. This includes 3-hour weekly workshops and you will also be given additional materials and tasks to support your personal process between the sessions. By signing up you will be gifting yourself time and space each week to retreat inwards and wander your inner landscapes. The workshops will help you navigate this process using a variety of accessible crafts that support this soulful work, enabling you to find practices that best serve you.

The workshops will combine meditation and simple embodiment practices, information sessions, discussions in break-out rooms within pairs or small groups, and wider group discussion. Each workshop will also introduce new practices that foster the arts of the Feminine.

The ReEmergence Process is not a therapy but opens a gateway for your ongoing personal exploration journey. Throughout The ReEmergence Process, you will work at your own level and pace to suit your own individual process. You will also be supported as part of a community of like-hearted people.

The ReEmergence Process draws from psychotherapeutic, embodiment and creative practices and involves 3 core stages:

1.ReClaiming: re-awakening, re-membering and re-wilding

This initial stage focuses on enhancing our awareness as we explore, share and witness individual and collective stories around the lost Feminine. This helps create a solid foundation and focus as we dive deep into this inner process.

This stage involves:

  • Leaning into the wisdom embedded in the mythical stories of our ancestors
  • Sharing and witnessing in community the stories and myths of our own lives
  • Systemic constellations exercises to help identify aspects of the Feminine you wish to reclaim and resources required for this process

2.ReAnimating: re-orientating, re-crafting and re-integrating

This middle stage focuses on the retrieval of lost parts of ourselves that we find in the depths of this process, by practicing a variety of arts of the Feminine. These are simple practices that can be easily integrated into your everyday life.

This stage involves an introduction to:

  • Everyday embodiment practices that foster communion with the Anima Mundhi (earth’s soul) and connection with the rhythms of our own bodies
  • Depth psychology practices that facilitate dialogue with our unconscious self through Shadow work and Dream work
  • Creative practices that cultivate expression of the hidden aspects of our selves we wish to retrieve

3.ReEmerging: re-connecting and re-uniting

This final stage focuses on how to bring what we have gained from this deep inner process back up to our outer life in a meaningful and sustainable way. Unifying the inner Feminine and Masculine and connecting with outer systems that support your process, provides a springboard from which you can continue your own process of reemergence.

This stage includes:

  • Exploring ways of belonging to ourselves, to our place, to our time and as part of something greater
  • Pulling together the resources gathered individually and collectively throughout this process to prepare for the path ahead as we continue to reemerge into our more balanced, authentic and vital lives
  • Beginning a process for identifying and living our soul purpose

Threaded throughout each stage there will be:

  • Embodiment practices that help draw our focus inwards and ground us in our physical being - such as meditation, visualisation and centring practices
  • Journaling, sharing and witnessing in community
  • Creation of sacred spaces for the work through very simple ritual and ceremony


Time: 10am-1pm (UK Time)

Dates: Fridays - 4th November, 11th November, 18th November, 25th November, 2nd December, 9th December

Location: These workshops will take place using the Zoom Online Platform


Through these 3 stages, The ReEmergence Process offers a way to move towards greater wholeness and embrace a more expansive life aligned with your unique purpose. In doing so you can live more harmoniously in relationship with yourself, others and the world. By the end of The ReEmergence Process you will have:

  • Enhanced your understanding of the imbalances between the deep Masculine and Feminine in your inner and outer world and how they impact your life.
  • Identified and begun to reclaim neglected aspects of the deep Feminine.
  • Connected with, witnessed and shared amongst a group of women doing this inner work within a safely held space.
  • Explored a range of practices that enable you to foster the arts of the Feminine as part of your personal exploration process (e.g. working with myth and dreams, embodiment practices, shadow work, systemic constellations, reflective writing, ritual, nature-based practices and creative practices).
  • Developed a greater appreciation of your soul purpose and belonging within the world.
  • Expanded your resources for further inner work.


  • To secure your place please book using the booking system on this page.
  • The first workshop can be booked as a one-off session. This session introduces the use of myth to support personal exploration. It can stand alone and also leads beautifully into the rest of the workshop series.
  • By registering for this event you are agreeing to the event terms and conditions listed on the website.
  • By signing up you are agreeing to The ReEmergence Process Events Terms and Conditions.
  • If you are unable to pay the full price but would like to attend please get in touch regarding bursary places.


The importance of reclaiming the Feminine is becoming increasingly recognised, with a growing number of people with varying credentials offering related work. Finding the right processes and people to support your personal exploration work is essential.

The Process

The ReEmergence Process offers women a specifically designed framework that guides your deep and brave inner work of reclaiming the Feminine. It draws from psychotherapeutic, embodiment and creative practices that integrate the heart, mind, body and spirit. You will become more aware of hidden imbalances in your inner world and develop practices that help restore better balance in your everyday life. Through this deep process of personal exploration, you can move towards greater wholeness and embrace a more expansive life aligned with your unique purpose. In doing so, you can live more harmoniously in relationship with yourselves, others and the world.

The People

Personal exploration work can feel very lonely and The ReEmergence Process provides an opportunity to walk alongside others on the same path, which can greatly enhance your experience. The ReEmergence Process was developed by and is facilitated by Dr Alice Laskey. Alice is a highly qualified Consultant Clinical Psychologist with multiple training qualifications and years of experiences behind her. Please go to About Alice Laskey for more information.

Ready To Dive In? Then You're Very Welcome!

If you're looking for a solid structure to support your own personal exploration work, a well qualified practitioner to safely and skilfully facilitate the process, and like-hearted companions to travel alongside, then the ReEmergence Process is for you. No previous experience is needed, just an open-hearted curiosity and willingness to work at your own level. You will be supported to work at your own level, and will not be required to engage in anything you do not wish to take part in. The workshops are also carefully held within a trauma-informed framework and facilitated by an experienced Clinical Psychologist.

The ReEmergence Process follows principles of radical inclusion, integrity and heartfulness. We warmly welcome women of all ages, races, cultures and abilities. If you would like to take part but are struggling to access The ReEmergence Process due to any particular factor, such as funding, please get in touch.

PLEASE NOTE: A Wise Word of Warning!

Deep work of this nature could be triggering for some people. The ReEmergence Process is NOT suitable for those in acute crisis or searching for a quick fix. The ReEmergence Process is a self-exploration process not a formal therapy group. Please make sure this is the right fit for you by reading the terms and conditions before signing up. If you have any concerns about the suitability of The ReEmergence Process for you, please get in touch.


Dr Alice Laskey is a Clinical Psychologist, Author and Founder of The ReEmergence Process. She has worked in the field of mental health and emotional wellbeing for over twenty years. She has a wealth of professional experience, knowledge and skills and is qualified in multiple cognitive, analytic, systemic and mindfulness-based therapeutic modalities. She is also heavily influenced by depth psychology and ecopsychology, integrating shadow work, mythology, dreamwork, ritual and nature as key resources in her work. Taking an integrative approach enables her to work psychologically, phenomenologically and creatively, involving the body, mind, heart, and soul. Her focus lies in the healing of deep-rooted trauma and engendering wellbeing.

Dr Alice Laskey is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Find Out More About Dr Alice Laskey.


"I can say with absolute conviction that this was one of the best workshops I've ever attended, online or face to face. The delicacy and authenticity with which Alice held the space were just wonderful. She created an environment of reflection, creativity and calm, where a group of strangers felt grounded, deeply connected and inspired to think differently about our place in the world. Thank you and I can't wait to join another workshop!" (Nikki)

"This is such a unique and nurturing class. I felt as though I was able to unfold in the warmth of the space, and through guided meditation, story and discussion, know myself a little better. A real gem and such a pleasure." (Susan)

"A beautifully choreographed experience which took me out of my everyday with a group of wonderful women. Couldn’t ask for more in the darker days. Thank you Alice Laskey I will surely book on your next one!" (Vicky)

"This workshop was the perfect pause to reconnect with self and soul. I definitely recommend it! ... Alice creates a safe and gentle space for exploration to begin." (Maria)

"I loved this workshop... I came away feeling nourished and connected - not only to women in the workshop, but with the men and women throughout history who have carried these stories forward to the modern day." (Kaaren)

"This workshop opened my eyes to a brand new world... Thank you Alice for this wonderful workshop that allowed me to dig deep inside myself... It was an affirmation that I don't have to conform to what society expects of me. I am free to be me." (Lizelle)


If you would lik to discuss if the course is right for you before booking, please GET IN TOUCH to arrange a brief consultation call.

SIGN UP TO THE REEMERGENCE PROCESS NEWSLETTER to stay informed about upcoming events.


  • Introductory Workshop-04.11.22

    This workshop offers an introduction to the use of myth in support of your personal exploration. It lays the foundation that for ReEmergence Process but can also stand alone and be attended as a one-off workshop.

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  • Early Bird Discount

    Book a discounted place for The ReEmergence Process online workshop series taking place 4th Nov - 9th Dec. Early Bird bookings available until Aug 31st 2022.

    225,00 £GB
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  • Book My Place

    Book your place on The ReEmergence Process online workshop series taking place 4th Nov-9th Dec 2022.

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