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ReEmergent School Constellations



Schools sometimes experience difficulties that ripple throughout the whole school system and don't seem amenable to conventional interventions. For example, recurring issues impacting the wellbeing of the student body, staff team or wider community, can persist despite various methods used to address it. As a teacher, or a member of the lead team, you are left at a loss as to what to do, searching for a new perspective from which to approach it.

ReEmergent School Constellations offers a unique alternative approach that draws from the Systemic Constellations field. It uses a wide-angled lens for understanding and working with the stuckness within a whole school system. This approach helps illuminate unseen blocks and entanglements in the system that are leaving things imbalanced, causing difficulties and preventing change. It then facilitates a rebalancing of the system with unexpected resources and resolutions identified.

If you'd like to discuss how the ReEmergent School Constellations could help your school, please get in touch.

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