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About ReEmergence

Reemergence: 'The process of becoming visible after being concealed'

Why Is The ReEmergence Process Needed?


A central issue underlying problems so many of us face in our everyday lives stems from imbalances between the deep masculine and feminine principles that reside within each of us. Masculine and feminine is not about men or women, but refers simply to the two energies that exist in everyone and everything, irrespective of gender. You may know them by other names, such as yin and yang, shiva and shakti, logos and eros.


Imbalances between the masculine and feminine are pervasive throughout our world. They result from the largely unexamined mythologies underpinning the current societal structures that drive our way of life. These mythologies have evolved and strengthened over many centuries as a result of the patriarchal paradigm dominating much of world society. These myths tell a story that promotes a restricted version of the masculine and largely subjugates the feminine. This cockeyed imbalance has banished aspects of the deep feminine and masculine into the shadows, leading to distortions within ourselves and our societal systems. The impact ripples outwards collectively between us and around us, irrespective of gender, culture or class.


These imbalances are deeply embedded in our systems and run through every vein of life, but most people don’t even realise they are being influenced by them or partaking in them. From an early age we unwittingly give away, conceal and deny aspects of who we innately are to fit in and to survive. We may, for example, be taught to override or hide our intuitive knowing, feelings or needs. This greatly limits our capacity to live harmoniously within ourselves, with others and with the world around us.


Over time, on a personal level, these imbalances can lead to anxiety, depression, stress, unprocessed grief, unprocessed trauma, burnout, low self-worth, relationship difficulties, physical health problems and more. Collectively, we see these imbalances playing out in the many societal inequalities tearing our communities apart, and we see them mirrored in mother nature through every aspect of environmental degradation and ecological collapse.

Many of us are waking up to this reality and trying to find different ways to address these issues that impact all of life. This is where the process of ReEmergence can come in, as part of a greater movement that seeks to restore inner balance for people, which then also ripples outwards in our lives and our world.

Emergence is a noun that goes back to the Latin root emergere, meaning 'bring to light', and it came into English in the 17th century. Just as something comes to light where there was darkness, reemergence is 'the process of becoming visible after being concealed'.


The ReEmergence Process, as it is called here, is a beautifully regenerative process of personal exploration that consciously illuminates hidden imbalances between the masculine and feminine within, between and around us. It also offers us a way to gently coax the hidden feminine and masculine parts back into our everyday lives, by practising the arts of these parts. This restores balance in our inner lives and enables us to contribute towards this rebalancing movement in our outer lives too.

Through the process of ReEmergence, we can move towards greater wholeness and embrace a more expansive life aligned with our unique purpose. In doing so we can live more harmoniously in relationship with ourselves, others and the world.

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